Monday through Friday, most weeks out of the year, people are working away at their jobs and earning a living for themselves. Work is important; it not only provides you with a paycheck but also gives you a reason to get up out of bed in the morning. However, work is not the single most important thing there is. We need to make time for ourselves to do what we like with the people we love, and there are only so many hours each week for us to both earn a living and enjoy living. This is why finding a healthy work-life balance is crucial: you can provide for yourself but also still have the time to have a life outside of your occupation. Here are some more reasons why finding a healthy ratio is key.

  • You keep from getting burned out.
    • Human beings, like any other living organisms, need time to rest and rejuvenate. If you work constantly without ever taking time for yourself to do the things you love doing, burnout is inevitable. You will get tired, become far less productive, and will lose the drive that pushed you to work as hard as you once did. Employee burnout is a costly problem for more than just the company, too. An estimated $125 billion to $190 billion of healthcare each year is directed towards the physical and mental health problems that arise from employee burnout. Taking regular breaks keeps productivity up and helps keep employees happier, too.
  • You keep your health up.
    • Like I said, up to $190 billion of healthcare annually goes towards dealing with the effects of overworked employees. This is because experiencing stress, especially chronic stress, is horrible for your immune system and your health overall. This is because stress causes our brains to signal our endocrine system to release hormones that prepare us for an impending emergency that’s causing the stress. However, these hormones drastically suppress our immune systems in an effort to do so, meaning that prolonged periods of stress are keeping your immune system down. Taking regular breaks from work and clearing your head of that stress can really help you maintain better health and perform better overall.