Looking for a job can be tough. There’s writing resumes or CVs and cover letters, applying to jobs, and interviewing, and after all that there’s still not even a remote guarantee that you’ve gotten the job.

One of the ways that you, as a candidate, can be more appealing to potential employers is to have a firm grasp of what they’re looking for and figure out how to genuinely offer those traits to benefit the operation as a whole. Instead of tirelessly searching for a job that fits your skills and interests perfectly, start looking for ways that you can meet the expectations of and mold your skills to match potential employers. Here are a few of the things that employers are looking for in potential job candidates.

  • Someone who is responsible.
    • If employers wanted to be responsible for holding your hand every day as they guide you through your job, they’d likely just run a daycare instead. Most employers are looking for workers who will shoulder the responsibilities that come with the position and work hard to complete them every day. They want someone whose questions will inspire them to find the answers and who will own their mistakes and learn from them.
  • Someone who is adaptable.
    • Life is unpredictable. Sometimes unexpected things arise and you need to be prepared to deal with them. If one of the job requirements is being able to juggle a lot of different types of work at once, then they’re absolutely going to be looking for someone who will be able to multitask well and handle any curve balls life throws their way.
  • Someone who is dependable.
    • Employers aren’t looking for people that they can help coast through life with a paycheck; employers are looking for people who are going to be committed to their jobs and be reliable members of a team. While, again, life can be unpredictable, they want someone who will be able to prioritize and compartmentalize so they can still complete the work expected of them.
  • Someone who is proactive.
    • A good employee will complete what they’ve been assigned. A great employee will complete their own work and then go look for the next task to accomplish, without needing to be told what to do at each step of the process. Do you want to demonstrate proactivity during your interview? Ask questions about how your job description can feed into the company’s goals as a whole.