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About Miguel Aliaga

Miguel Aliaga is a seasoned Financial Services Professional with over three decades of experience in the industry. Over the course of his career, Miguel has continually earned himself international recognition as a top online broker. Based in Chile, Miguel has a passion for derivatives and currency trading, and enjoys tracking macroeconomic trends and currency flows across different countries and continents.

Growing up, Miguel Aliaga spent time living in various areas around the world, including Latin America, East Asia, and Europe. As a result, Miguel had the opportunity to immerse himself in diverse cultures and learn several different languages. These multinational experiences provided Miguel with a unique perspective of the world, and greatly shaped his understanding of world markets and currencies.

Currently serving as the CEO of Continental Financial Group, Miguel oversees a number of different companies that operate under the Continental FC umbrella. This companies include Continental FX S.p.A., a multinational Capital Markets Broker; Continental Asset Management S.p.A., an asset management company that manages customer accounts under the individuals name; Radio Financiera S.p.A., an online real time subscription radio for financial news; and Trading Academy Ltda., a school that teaches people to learn to trade financial instruments.

Miguel Aliaga currently resides in Santiago Province, Chile. He earned his Bachillerato Internacional from the Nido de Aguilas International School. Miguel later went on to attend the University of South Florida, where he graduated with a Master of Business Administration.

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Miguel Aliaga is passionate about helping others make sense of investing.

Philanthropic Involvement

Outside of his professional endeavors, Miguel Aliaga is a committed philanthropist who cares deeply about giving back to those in his community. In the late 1990’s, Miguel founded the Save A Child Foundation as a way to help children living in third world countries — mainly Ecuador, Peru, and the Dominican Republic. The goal of the organization was to empower children by giving them access to a technical education. These technical schools helped teach children the necessary skills to work jobs as carpenters, electricians, car mechanics, painters, masons, and much more.

Miguel Aliaga was motivated to create the Save A Child Foundation after witnessing so many young children beg for money on the streets in order to provide for their family. No longer able to stand idle and watch these young kids suffer, Miguel began offering children on the street breakfast and payment for a day of work. The goal was to help these children learn how to do one of these jobs so that they would no longer need to beg for money.

The Save A Child Foundation later expanded to provide medical attention to children in need. The organization would often fly children to more advanced countries, such as Child, for surgical procedures that are not available in their home countries.

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